INVESIA is a holding of companies that it is integrated and diversified.



Invesia was formally established in February 2012 with the purpose of unifying the group companies under the same corporate management, lending and providing support in the areas of administration, finance, organization, management control, auditing and legal advice.

The origin of this new group of companies is in the company INVESIA Construction and Services, a constructer company of infrastructures that in his more than 30 years of experience has provided a solid economic and financial structure of the corporation.

Value creation is a strategic objective for INVESIA.  To generate value for its shareholders through the economic profitability of investments; for society, fostering sustainable economic growth of the areas in which it operates and for customers, providing projects and services. To do this, it develops a corporate culture based on efficient organization and a dynamic, enterprising and efficient management.

INVESIA defined as Mission and Vision of our company as follows:

  • Mission

Focus our activity in the search for synergies with all stakeholders with whom we interact. Only thus added value in business management is generated. Our goal is to apply innovation, technological development and excellence in the execution of each and every one of the activities developed by the different business lines of INVESIA.

  • Vision

INVESIA's vision is to be consolidated in all areas where it operates, distinguished by the quality, professionalism and a constant search for new markets with sustained growth for the group. We want to contribute to the improvement and growth of society and provide our employees with opportunities for personal and professional development.

In INVESIA we pursue excellence as corporate culture. To reach it, it is necessary a series of values with our customers, suppliers and partners as well as employees. Among our values are:

  • Solidity. We have a solid financial structure. The economic results support our continued growth.
  • Integrity. Responsibility, honesty, transparency and integrity are key values in our external relations. Compliance with them makes us grow every day.
  • Innovation. We seek to differentiate ourselves from other companies innovating, generating an added value to our business. The orientation towards innovation expresses the commitment to continuously improve our products, services and procedures.
  • Dynamism. With the aim to expand our field of action, we have developed a policy of diversification and expansion seeking new markets.
  • Sustainability. We operate seeking the economic, environmental and social development of our environment, because the only way we can ensure a better future.
  • Quality. It is the primary factor that should enable us to achieve social and economic progress. Hence our commitment to advance progressively towards business excellence. Our activity is certified in Management Systems and Quality Management Environmental Quality under the International Standards ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004.
  • Flexibility. We adapt easily to the needs and continuous changes that occur in the sectors in which we operate. The objective is to be competitive.